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2019 Olympic National Park - Northern Portion

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Sol Duc Falls
We visited the northern section of Olympic National Park in June of 2019.  We added days onto our Alaskan cruise so we could explore this beautiful national park.  Read on to learn more about our time spent in Olympic National Park. 

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Our last stop on our Utah national parks trip was Cedar Breaks National Monument. Perhaps it was the alpine setting at an elevation of 10,400 or maybe it was the smaller crowds than experienced elsewhere, but Cedar Breaks National Monument was our favorite from our trip. 

Bryce Canyon National Park

Cooler temperatures and hoodoos await you at Bryce Canyon National Park!
Our visit to Bryce Canyon National Park was short but fun!  Bryce Canyon National Park is located in Southern Utah at an elevation between 8,000 & 9,000 feet. When you visit Bryce Canyon National Park you will be amazed by the hoodoos. The brightly colored hoodoos are a striking sight to see.
View from the rim of Bryce Canyon

The elevation of Bryce Canyon National Park makes it a much more desirable location to visit during the summer than Zion National Park.  While the high temperatures at Zion National Park were hovering around 95 degrees in early June, Bryce Canyon National Park was a welcoming 78 degrees the day we visited. 

View from horseback inside Bryce Canyon

Our hotel was 2.5 hours from Bryce Canyon National Park so our trip was limited. Our time was spent on a horseback riding tour of the canyon.  I booked the 2 hour afternoon tour with Bryce Canyon Trail Rides. We thoroughly enjoyed our guided tour of the canyon.  I was a bit nervous because I had never ridden a horse before.  Thankfully I had a calm horse and my ride was enjoyable. The cooler weather was the reason we chose to ride horses at Bryce Canyon instead of Zion. I highly recommend seeing Bryce Canyon on horseback.  It will be an adventure you will not soon forget! 

Lodging: We stayed in St. George, UT, 2 hours from Bryce Canyon National Park.  If you would like to know more about my hotel, view my previous blog post. There are very few lodging choices near Bryce Canyon National park.  If I had to do it over again I would book a room at the Bryce Canyon Lodge for 1 to 2 nights. Make sure you book early, as the  Lodge fills up quickly, especially during the summer months. 

Lunch: The day we visited Bryce Canyon National Park we took a picnic lunch of a Subway sandwich.  

If you have any questions about our time at Bryce Canyon National Park, post in the comments for this blog.

Thank you for reading & subscribing to my blog.  May God bless you every mile of your journey.

Zion National Park

View from Watchman Trail Zion National Park

Zion National Park is located in southwestern Utah about 2.5 hours from Las Vegas. In 2017 Zion National Park had 4.5 million visitors.  I tell you this so you know to be prepared for the crowds.  We visited Zion in early June on a Sunday and Monday. We found the park to be quite busy on the days of our visit. Click to continue reading about our visit to Zion National Park.

Pacific Northwest Best Time For Travel

Olympic National Park
WHEN is the best time to visit the Pacific Northwest? I guess the answer would be based on what the traveler is hoping to experience.  While the Pacific Northwest is known for cloudy rainy weather, we were looking for a vacation that was not filled with slickers & rain boots. So I set out to research & find the best time of year to find sunshine in the Pacific Northwest. 

Pacific Northwest Olympic National Park

Olympic mnational park, national park, park, olympic, waterfalls, hiking, forest
Olympic National Park Quinault Rain Forest
Hello! Thank you for visiting my family vacations on a budget blog. My family loves to travel! However my husband & I are both teachers making a budget all the more important.  We have one child, our son is 13. I want to show him as much of this wonderful world as I can before he is grown. This summer we visited the Pacific Northwest for our family vacation.  We traveled July 11th-20th throughout this beautiful area of the United States. July & August in the Pacific Northwest are known for dry & moderate temperatures, it only rained on us once & that was on the way to the airport at the end of our trip!  In this blog post I will tell you about our day spent at Olympic National Park: where we stayed, things we did, & travel tips to help you as you plan your next vacation. In the coming weeks I will feature a different destination or travel tip from our Pacific Northwest journey. Subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any of my posts from this fantastic family vacation (on a budget). 

Pacific Northwest Orcas Island & North Cascades National Park

Orcas Island, Washington
Thank you for visiting my family vacations on a budget blog. My family loves to travel! However my husband & I are both teachers making a budget all the more important.  We have one child, our son is 13. I want to show him as much of this wonderful world as I can before he is grown. This summer we visited the Pacific Northwest for our family vacation.  We traveled July 11th-20th throughout this beautiful area of the United States. July & August are known for dry & moderate temperatures, it only rained on us once & that was on the way to the airport at the end of our trip!  In this blog post I will tell you about our day spent on Orcas Island, Washington & North Cascades National Park: where we stayed, things we did, & travel tips to help you as you plan your next vacation. In the coming weeks I will feature a different destination or travel tip from our Pacific Northwest journey. Subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any of my posts from this fantastic family vacation (on a budget). 

Diablo Lake North Cascades National Park
How did you visit Orcas Island AND North Cascades National Park in ONE day?
In my previous blog about our day on San Juan Island I concluded with how does a small fire on the car deck of our ferry on Saturday make our Sunday go so very wrong? Well... as fate would have it the ferry we rode Saturday from Friday Harbor to Anacortes was the SAME ferry we were booked to take Sunday to Orcas Island.  That small fire the captain told us about... it was the generator.  No generator no ferry to Orcas Island! However, Washington State Ferry System did not notify us of the ferry being down until AFTER we paid & got in line to board the ferry at 6:45 AM on a Sunday morning. (Did I mention we awakened at 5:30 AM to get to the ferry by 6:45 AM?) Yes, the ferry was inoperable when we arrived but no one bothered to tell us. About 15 minutes prior to boarding, we were finally told the ferry had been cancelled over the PA speaker.  Keep in mind I had reservations to sea kayak on Orcas Island that I had paid for months ahead of time. With that in mind I went to the ticket booth to find out how we would get to Orcas Island.  The ticket agent assured me they would get me to Orcas Island in time for my reservation that afternoon.  I asked how we will get back to Anacortes that evening and she assured me I would get back that evening but that I should check with the ticket agent on Orcas Island when I arrived.  
The generator for the Yakima Ferry was inoperable causing our trip to take a negative turn.
We boarded the ferry & I asked a worker about the probability of us getting back to Anacortes that night.  He said he was not sure if we could get back because the ferries were already busy because it was a weekend in July & now that one of the ferries was down he just wasn't sure if I could get back that evening.  He assured me there were nice hotels on the island.  That's great except all of my clothes, toiletries, etc were in my hotel in Burlington.  I did not want to pay for 2 hotels that night. I certainly did not want to sleep in my car that night due to booked hotels on the small island.  But we were on the ferry & there was no way off at that point so we were going to Orcas Island! Immediately upon arrival on Orcas Island I went to the ticket agent & she said they would have to squeeze us on ferries that were coming in from other islands that day & she gave me times when a ferry MIGHT be coming. As we drove past the ferry cue we could see the lines already forming. We made the decision to cancel the sea kayak reservation, go to Eastsound, & drive around the island then come back & get in line for a ferry that MIGHT show up. 

The lines were long & we were unsure about the chances of getting off the island that evening.
We spent a total of four hours waiting in line at the Orcas Island ferry terminal. We could not go far from our car because we did not know when the next ferry was arriving. We visited one of the shops at the ferry terminal & spent the rest of our time in our car waiting. There is a restaurant near the ferry terminal but we had picked up lunch in Eastsound. If you are interested in seeing the San Juan Islands you will have to get there by ferry or by plane. At the time of our trip the ferry charge for our car & 3 passengers was $74.  To learn more about the Washington State Ferry system click here. So to answer the question: How do you visit Orcas Island & North Cascades National Park in a single day?  We did not get to see a lot of Orcas Island, only what could be seen from the car, & we were only able to spend about 3 hours getting to & touring North Cascades National Park.

Where did you stay?
We highly recommend the Fairfield Inn & Suites Burlington, WA
We spent 3 nights at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Burlington, Washington.  The hotel is a pleasant 30 minute drive to the Anacortes ferry terminal. Click here to read my review of Fairfield Inn & Suites. We liked the hotel & would recommend it, especially if you are planning to visit North Cascades National Park. In hindsight, we would have stayed on San Juan Island in Friday Harbor if we were to book the trip again.  Perhaps this is because we had such a terrible experience with the Washington State Ferry System. 
Plenty of breakfast choices are available for your complimentary breakfast at Fairfield Inn & Suites!
Fairfield Inn & Suites has a Tesla charging station in front of the hotel. 

What did we do on Orcas Island?
We spent an hour driving around the island making only one stop for lunch. Orcas Island features Mount Constitution which rises 2,398 feet above sea level.  We planned to visit Moran State Park & hike to the summit the morning we arrived on Orcas Island. However, due to ferry problems we did not get to have this experience.  From our drive around the island it was very wooded & hilly with occasional scenic overlooks to the ocean. 
Farmland on Orcas Island between the ferry terminal & Eastsound
A view of the ocean can be seen in certain locations on this wooded island.
Eastsound on Orcas Island has shops & restaurants that line the street.
Restaurants on Orcas Island are a bit pricey so we opted to grab lunch to go from the deli at Island Market.
The food was fantastic & we were all 3 able to eat for less than $20.
What were we PLANNING to do on Orcas Island but did not get to?
Our plan was to go to Moran State Park first during the morning hours. The cost was $10 for a day pass.  There is an automated pay station for you to pay.  We were going to drive or hike up to Mt. Constitution & hike some trails. At the summit is a stone tower built in 1936 by Civilian Conservation Corps workers, and the 360-degree view is quite spectacular as we read about in a review of Moran State Park. Paddleboats and rowboats can both be rented from the snack bar at Cascade Lake. At Mountain Lake rowboats can be rented and there is a boat launch. Summit Learning Center at Mt Constitution's summit came highly recommended.

After spending the morning at Moran State Park we were going to grab a picnic lunch from the deli at Island Market. This is the one thing we did get to do...

After lunch we were going to Deer Harbor Marina for our guided sea kayak tour with Shearwater Kayak Tours. Our tour was a 3 hour tour that would end at 5 PM.  I cannot say enough good things about Shearwater Kayak Tours not only because they get stellar reviews online but most importantly because they were great about refunding my money for my tour.  After calling them and explaining the situation with the ferry they kindly refunded ALL of my money. Some companies would have refused to refund the money but not Shearwater.  I highly recommend using Shearwater Kayak Tours because of the integrity they displayed when refunding my money.  

After our tour our plan was to explore the hiking trails on Turtleback Mountain until our ferry was to leave at 8:45 PM. 

Unfortunately we did not get to do all of the things we planned to do on Orcas Island.  We did get to see North Cascades National Park so I suppose that is one positive that came from the day.  

What did we do at North Cascades National Park?

We were surprised to discover our hotel, Fairfield Inn & Suites Burlington, WA, is on the highway to North Cascades National Park! By the time we arrived back in Burlington it was almost 5 PM so we decided to grab a bite to eat before heading out to North Cascades National Park.  Next to our hotel was Bob's Burger & Brew restaurant. Our burgers & patty melt were great as was the service!
Bob's Burger & Brew hamburger & crunchy fries were some of the best ever!
After dinner, around 5:30 PM, we headed out to North Cascades National Park. We knew we would not be able to drive through the entire national park as it is 789 square miles in size & the sunset around 9 PM in July. Our goal was to drive to Diablo Lake which was about 1 and a half hour from our hotel with no stops. We were able to make it to Diablo Lake and have a few stops along the way.  The drive was nothing short of spectacular! I have never seen water as emerald green as the Skagit River & Diablo Lake.  Here are some pictures we took on our driving tour of North Cascades National Park. 
A MUST stop located on Highway 20
between Rockport & Marblemount.
We enjoyed fresh organic ice cream. The
raspberry chocolate chip pictured below
was some of the best ice cream ever!

Scenery along Highway 20 before entering the National Park.

Entrance to North Cascades National Park

The Skagit River is gorgeous emerald green that pictures do not accurately represent.
Highway 20 is carved from the mountainside offering views such as this. It is closed during the winter.

Gorge Creek Falls is 242 feet tall!
Make sure & stop at the overlook. 
Diablo Lake 
North Cascades National Park is the least visited national park in Washington providing visitors with solitude in a gorgeous setting. There is a visitor center but we arrived after it closed. There are many hiking trails as well. However, due to the sun was setting, we were only able to do a driving tour to Diablo Lake & back to our hotel with a few stops along the way.  We arrived back at our hotel at 9 PM tired from a stressful, long day. Not our happiest day of our trip but memories were made & that is what it is all about anyway. 

When you travel, in good and stressful times, may God bless you each day of your journey. 

Below is a map of our day at Orcas Island 
& North Cascades National Park.

Pacific Northwest Mount Rainier National Park

Thank you for visiting my family vacations on a budget blog. My family loves to travel! However my husband & I are both teachers making a budget all the more important.  We have one child, our son is 13. I want to show him as much of this wonderful world as I can before he is grown. This summer we visited the Pacific Northwest for our family vacation.  We traveled July 11th-20th throughout this beautiful area of the United States. In this blog post I will tell you about our day spent in Mount Rainier National Park: where we stayed, things we did, & travel tips to help you as you plan your next vacation. In the coming weeks I will feature a different destination or travel tip from our Pacific Northwest journey. Subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any of my posts from this fantastic family vacation (on a budget). 

GRAND Adventures in Arizona

I am trying something new with my blog this time... I think I will call it the TwitterZona blog. Since words cannot possibly describe our 4 day trip to the Grand Canyon State in November, I thought I would limit the words & just SHOW you how beautiful Arizona is.

Day 1

Southwest Air offers great fares - if you are flexible. We departed Dallas to Phoenix on Saturday & returned on Tuesday in November. Cost $88 pp round trip non-stop & 2 bags fly free.

Colorado - Great Sand Dunes National Park

Do you like the sand but want to enjoy the fresh mountain air?  Have I got a place for you! The Great Sand Dunes National Park located near Fort Garland, Colorado is the best of both worlds. 

A weekend in Southern New Mexico

When we were choosing a destination for our big family vacation this year there were several locations that came to mind. We wanted a vacation that was diverse in what we would see & do but was also budget friendly.  After giving it some thought we decided we would visit New Mexico.  We had visited the mountains of New Mexico previously but had never explored other areas of the state. Since this would be a road trip we would cut across western Texas which we had never explored either. This would be a new adventure with a mix of familiar territory as well. Our trip would last 10 days and we would visit the the lowest depths to the highest heights imaginable. 
We spent two days in southern New Mexico in Carlsbad &  Roswell. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, this is a great adventure for the budget conscious family.  New Mexico is a much less expensive destination than say Colorado & you have many of the same activities from which to choose. 

Carlsbad, New Mexico
Entrance to Carlsbad Caverns National Park
The first day of our trip was in Carlsbad. We arrived in time to have an early dinner & then we were off to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. That evening the park was having two special events - the bat flight program & the star party.  The bat flight program in the amphitheater is a nightly event that takes place from mid-May through mid-October where thousands of bats exit the cave at around sunset. Prior to the bat flight a park ranger has a program where visitors can learn about the cave & bats that inhabit it. The bat flight was absolutely mesmerizing and well worth seeing!  We watched the bats exit the cave until after sunset. We left because it was growing difficult to see the bats exit but they were still exiting! To learn more about the bat flight program click here

Bat program at Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
After the bat flight program the star party began.  In the east parking lot, local amateur astronomers set up their powerful telescopes for the public to use to see the night sky. The telescopes were so powerful that you could see the actual rings of Saturn. The star parties are offered once per month between the months June & October. To learn more about the star party you can visit the National Park Service web page

Admission to the bat flight program & star party was FREE!  This unique adventure is one your family will not soon forget & it does not cost a dime.

Drive into Carlsbad Caverns.
The next day we got up early & headed back to Carlsbad Caverns National Park to tour the cave. The seven mile drive into the caverns from White City is beautiful! The park road had many switchbacks that have amazing views! 

We arrived at the cave by 9 AM & purchased our tickets. The cost for admission at the time of our visit was $10 for adults aged 16 & older & FREE for children 15 & under for a 3 day pass. You can find visitor center hours information here. Times vary based on the time of year of your visit. You can find entrance fee information here

The Natural Entrance hike into the
cave has steep switchbacks.
The Big Room at the base of Carlsbad Caverns is 750 feet down a 1 1/4 mile steep trail called the Natural Entrance Trail. If you or members of your family are not physically able to hike into the cave, there are elevators available. However, we wanted the experience of hiking into the cave. There is nothing quite like watching the entrance as you head in the cave. The last daylight gets fainter & fainter as you descend the trail. I wonder what the original explorers were thinking as they entered the cave? Along the Natural Entrance Trail you will find beautiful formations. The national park service has the cave lit but we brought a high powered flashlight so we could see better. If you choose to take the Natural Entrance Trail, it is a doable hike with benches throughout for those who struggle with the incline. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the Big Room.  At the Big Room you will find a small cafe that sells snacks & drinks as well as t shirts etc. There is also working bathrooms - much to my surprise. There is also a 1 1/4 mile trail through the Big Room where you can see formations such as the Hall of Giants & the Bottomless Pit to name a couple. The cave stays at a cool 56 degrees year round so make sure you bring a jacket or hoodie. The cave is very humid as well so bring your inhaler if you use one.   
Big Room Carlsbad Caverns

After hiking the Natural Entrance we met our ranger for our 10:30 AM tour of the Kings Palace.  I had previously purchased the ranger tour online at the recreation. gov website. The cost for the tour was $8 for adults & $4 for children aged 4+. The ranger led tours cost additional over the standard entrance fees for the park. There are several tours from which to choose, some of which involve repelling. Since this was our first cave tour, we opted for the milder Kings Palace tour. The tour is 1 1/2 hours in length.  The ranger will not only tell you about the formations you will see but you will also learn the history of the exploration of the cave. At one point of the tour the ranger removes all artificial light demonstrating the complete darkness original explorers experienced. This was one of the most memorable moments from our trip.  It is absolutely amazing how dark the inside of the cave was!  

On the Natural Entrance Trail

After our Kings Palace tour we finished our tour of Carlsbad Caverns with the Big Room hike seeing such famous formations as Hall of Giants & the Crystal Spring Dome. We opted to ride the elevator back to the top because we had hiked the Natural Entrance into the cave & wanted to be able to experience both. I will say the elevator was much easier but not nearly as beautiful! When we visited the cave it was not very busy.  However, I have read blogs where the cave is very busy on weekends between Memorial Day & Labor Day and there are lines waiting to ride the elevator. You can choose to hike out of the cave but there are time restrictions you must abide by.  To learn more about the times visit the park website

As I have mentioned on previous blogs, I am a member of just about every hotel chain loyalty program available. Why not? I am going to stay in a hotel when I travel, I might as well earn some kind of reward right? When I stay I try to choose a hotel that has a rewards program.  My personal favorite rewards program is Marriott. I think they have the best rewards & you get free nights faster than some of the other chains. While earning rewards is important, price also affects the accommodations I choose. So when I set out to book a hotel in Carlsbad I considered both. We decided to stay in Carlsbad even though White City has a Rodeway Inn & it is at the entrance of Carlsbad Caverns National Park.  
Fairfield Inn & Suites Carlsbad, NM

After price checking & reading reviews of other hotels including the Comfort Suites, Hampton Inn, & TownePlace Suites I selected the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Carlsbad.  I booked my room 5 months prior to arrival choosing the standard rate instead of the slightly less expensive advance purchase rate on the Marriott web page.  The reason I always book a room using the standard rate is because you can usually check back the closer you get to your arrival date & get a rate that is lower. This happens every year without fail for at least one hotel we stay in when travelling. The Fairfield Inn & Suites was $170 per night when I booked it 5 months in advance.  However, I checked the rates periodically & about 6 weeks prior to my arrival date, the rate dropped to $120 per night.  I then cancelled my original reservation that I booked using the standard rate & re-booked the room at the new lower rate. BOOM - I saved $50 & I did not have to work hard to do it!  One more tip about the Fairfield Inn & Suites, the rooms are much cheaper if you can stay during the weekend.  We adjusted our trip so we could stay on the weekend at this hotel instead of during the work week.  By staying on a Saturday, we saved $50 over staying during the work week. 

We stayed at the Fairfield Inn & Suites for one night but we enjoyed our stay & would recommend it to others. Our room was clean, comfortable, & quiet. The room we stayed in had 2 queen beds, a microwave, & a mini-fridge. My only complaint with the room would be that the sink is not in a separate area from the toilet & shower making getting ready in the morning more difficult. There is a pool outside in a nicely landscaped courtyard that also features a fire pit. We did not get to enjoy the pool during our stay but it looked inviting. While the hotel was close to full, we did not hear any noise. Our room faced the street & we did not experience a problem with highway noise either.  The staff was accommodating & friendly.  The breakfast area attendant, Adrian gave us some helpful tips for our day at Carlsbad Caverns National Park while we were eating the free breakfast that is available every morning. We also liked that the hotel was on the same side of Carlsbad as the national park - so we did not have to drive through much traffic to get to the park. There are restaurants & Walmart nearby making the hotel convenient to necessities. The hotel was a short 30 minute drive to the caverns.
View of street from Fairfield Inn room

Breakfast area Fairfield Inn

Room Fairfield Inn

Bathroom Fairfield Inn

Room Fairfield Inn
Roswell, New Mexico
An "alien" sighting in Roswell.
When we left Carlsbad Caverns we drove 2 hours north to Roswell, New Mexico as it was on our way to Red River, NM. Roswell is world renowned for the unidentified flying object that crashed near the town in July of 1947 & the controversy that surrounds it to this day. We were expecting a small town with a few thousand people.  We were surprised to find Roswell to be a decent sized town with a population of 48,000. There are many shops, theaters, restaurants, & hotels to choose. Roswell has embraced their UFO notoriety & you will find "aliens" all over town.  The town even has a UFO Festival the first weekend in July! 

There are "alien" sightings everywhere in Roswell.

THE International UFO Museum in Roswell

Since we were in Roswell we decided to visit the International UFO Museum(my son was more excited about it than we were) You can't visit Roswell without doing a little UFO research right?  The cost for admission was relatively inexpensive at $5 for adults, $2 for children aged 5-15, & FREE for children 4 & under. Inside the museum you will find many news articles & information about UFO sightings from around the world but the primary focus is the Roswell area. There are also animated displays of aliens & UFOs. They show UFO related movies throughout the day in the movie room. It was fun to go & see what the museum had to offer but I would not plan to spend more than an hour at this location unless you are an avid UFO researcher. 
Inside the International UFO Museum Roswell
Remember how I said I was a member of just about every hotel loyalty program available? Well our night in Roswell was FREE because I cashed in my Marriott loyalty points.  Since I was using my points I really did not compare any other hotels prices because how do you beat free? I did research the hotel to make sure I was not getting a bad hotel, I won't stay just anywhere even if it is free. 

Each morning a FREE breakfast is available. The breakfast included waffles, muffins, bagels, cereal, oatmeal, eggs, sausage, yogurt, fruit, juices, & milk. Everything you need to start your day! Every afternoon from 4-7 PM snacks & Pepsi soft drinks are available for FREE. The snacks vary by day but the day we were there they offered cinnamon rolls & popcorn.  As far as amenities go, TownePlace Suites in Roswell was our favorite hotel on our trip this year. 
TownePlace Suites Roswell snacks are
available daily from 4-7 PM.

TownePlace Suites Roswell, NM
We stayed at TownePlace Suites Roswell & loved our stay!  The hotel was impeccably clean & quiet. We really liked the location, about 1 block from Main Street. TownePlace Suites offers many amenities including a heated outdoor pool, a fitness center, on-site laundry facilities, & an outdoor patio & grill. Our room was our very own studio apartment! There was a small kitchen with refrigerator, cook top, sink, & dishwasher. Our room had 2 very comfortable queen beds, an over sized chair, & dining room table. The closets were big, like walk in big. I liked that the bathroom sink was separate from the toilet & shower which makes getting ready easier.  We never heard anyone in rooms around or above us making for a great night of sleep. The television in our room was a smart TV where not only did we have access to many channels but we could also sign in to our Netflix account & watch a movie. The WiFi network was amazingly fast and FREE!  After a long day of exploring Carlsbad Caverns we went to dinner & then crashed at our room and watched one of our Netflix movies.  

The room at TownePlace Suites Roswell was
 exceptionally clean & comfortable.
Our room at TownePlace Suites Roswell was a studio double queen.

The bathroom sink at TownePlace Suites Roswell
is separate from the toilet/shower.
Bathroom at TownePlace Suites Roswell

Kitchen at TownePlace Suites Roswell
On our visit to Southern New Mexico, our family was able to see & do things we had never done before. After two days we headed for the high country of Red River, New Mexico. Check out our blog on our visit to the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.

Visit our video link at the top of the page to see footage from our trips.

Wherever you go, may God bless you on your travels.