New England On A Budget - Intro

First a little about me... I love to travel with my family that consists of my husband, 10 year old son, and myself.  I am a teacher therefore I have a lot of time for travel.  However, because I am a teacher I do not have a lot of money for travel... I created this blog for others like me who want to travel but do not want to break the bank while discovering new adventures! 

Our family vacation in June 2014 was to New England - Massachusetts, Maine, & New Hampshire.  Being as budget conscience as ever, I set out planning our trip months in advance.  I researched everything from hotels to restaurants to Cryptozoology museums for this trip.  You will benefit from my hours of research by reading this post. 

We spent 11 days in June 2014 in beautiful New England.  During our vacation we traveled by planes, trains, automobiles, and boats. We visited cities bustling with people.  We visited lobster villages whose population decreases to double digits during the harsh winter season. We ate lobster fresh off the boat at a Lobster Pound and the best blueberry pie you will ever taste! We toured historic grounds where our founding fathers once proudly served our nation. We toured Ivy League colleges where tomorrow's inventions are being dreamed today. 

All of this... on a budget!