How to Make Your Trips With Kids Fun and Stress-Free

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How to Make Your Trips With Kids Fun and Stress-Free

Travel is such a wonderful way for children to explore and learn about the world around them.
They can learn about history, different landscapes and other cultures by taking trips with the family. But traveling with children can also be anxiety producing for parents. Worrying about everyone’s safety, health and mood is stressful. So to help you prepare, here are a few tips to help make travel with your kids more enjoyable for all:

Plan Some Travel Games

When you’re stuck in a car for hours or on a plane, keeping kids from getting bored can be challenging. To avoid any added stress on yourself, be prepared with travel games for kids to play on the way. You can pick up some fun travel games online ahead of time, or try a few free games instead. Kids will love spotting license plates or making up their own fairy tale and the hours of travel are sure to fly by faster.

When all else fails, keep your smartphones and tablets loaded with kid-friendly videos, games and books. Screen time can be beneficial for kids on long flights or car trips by keeping them occupied and distracting them from any anxiety. Just be sure to bring a comfy set of headphones, so your kids can enjoy their devices without disturbing others.

Bring Some Healthy Snacks

The food available in airports and along interstates can be expensive and is notoriously bad for you. Instead of relying on fast food and gas stations when you’re on the road, bring along some healthy ready-to-go meals for your family to enjoy. You can pack traditional PB&J sandwiches, veggies, crackers and hummus in the cooler to avoid pricey and unhealthy fast food.

Traveling by air? You may be surprised to know you can bring your own snacks there as well! Check current TSA guidelines around food and then bring some tasty, healthy options in your carry-on for you and your children to nosh on during long flights. By bringing your own snacks, you can keep your family healthy and keep your wallet a little happier. 

Let Everyone Pick an Activity

A good family trip begins with a good itinerary. As you begin planning out your activities for vacation, why not get your whole family involved. Arrange any “must-do” activities in your plans and then let your kids each pick something fun to do. You can research your destination using helpful apps to find family-friendly options for them to choose from. Kids will love being part of your planning and will be excited to get to their chosen activity. This is especially helpful for older kids and teenagers. You can allow them to plan out an entire day or two of your agenda, or if you feel comfortable, allot some time for teens to go explore on their own. Be sure to talk about travel safety for teens and make sure they have emergency contacts stored in their phone before they go out alone. 

Plan Ahead for Child Care

If you’re traveling with your children and your spouse, you may find yourself wanting some adult time for dates and to spend time together. Think about this when you are planning your trip and start looking into your options for child care while you’re on vacation. If you have family near your destination, that may be a great option, but you may prefer to hire child care instead. Look ahead of time for child care professionals in your destination, so you will have time to perform interviews and background checks, or consider bringing your own sitter along. Having the option to enjoy time on your own can be a stress reliever when you’re taking a long trip or just need a break from the kids while traveling.

Family trips should be about fun, not stress. Keep this guide handy, so you can keep your trip worry-free and fun for everyone. Enjoy your time together and cherish the memories you make as a family.

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