Gulf Shores, Alabama - Getting There

In April 2019 we had a 4 day weekend off from school. It was time for another family adventure! We decided to take a road trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama - about 600 miles from our home in Texas.  
Gulf Shores State Park

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Easter weekend (April 19-22, 2019) we were lucky enough to have a four day weekend off from school. The question was not would we go somewhere? The question was where will we go? Texas hill country? Chicago and the great lakes? Yosemite? Gulf Shores, Alabama?
We chose Gulf Shores, Alabama and did not regret it.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

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Palo Duro Canyon State Park is a diamond in the rough in an otherwise unimpressive landscape. One minute you are driving the flat lands of the panhandle of Texas, the next you are surrounded by shear beauty. 

Top 5 Memorable Family Vacations

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Ohana at Disney World

The kids are out of school and you are looking for a family vacation that will make lasting memories. You know the kind, the ones you will talk about at Thanksgiving 20+ years from now.  Over the past decade, since my son was 4 years old, our family has been blessed to visit many memorable places during our travels. Read on to learn about our family’s top 5 memorable family vacations. 

Lake Tawakoni State Park

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Lake Tawakoni State Park is located in north east Texas near Wills Point.
On a (record high) hot summer day we visited Lake Tawakoni State Park. This state park is located in north east Texas near the town Wills Point.  

Mother Neff State Park

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Located about 35 minutes from Waco, Texas.
On a warm July day we decided to take the scenic route and stop by Mother Neff State Park on our way to Austin. Mother Neff State Park is located in central Texas near Waco.  It was the first state park in the Texas Parks system.