Disneyland Tip 3

With Disney MaxPass you can only select FastPass options the day you visit Disneyland Resort. You can only select one FastPass at a time.  You CAN reserve a Disney California Adventure ride while in Disneyland and vice versa. For those of us who like the Magic Band at Disney World this will be quite the adjustment... You mean I actually have to wait until I enter the park to choose my FastPass options? I will be interested to see if I like MaxPass as well or better than the Magic Band at Disney World...

Disneyland Tip 2

Disneyland Week 2 Tip:
When booking your hotel for your Disneyland vacation, consider staying at a non-Disney hotel.  Some of the "other" brand hotels are closer to the theme park than the Disney hotels.  If you are visiting Disneyland on a budget, the "other" hotels will certainly help keep you on a budget. You can save a considerable amount of money over Disney hotels.  Keep in mind though, you will lose the Disney magic of not staying in the Disney themed hotel.  The BIGGEST drawback is you will not have access to Magic Morning hours at California Adventure.  ONLY Disney hotel resort guests have early admission to California Adventure...
Happy Planning!

Disneyland Tip 1

Week 1 Tip: Save money on your Disneyland trip by purchasing Disney gift cards from Sam's Club.  Use the gift cards to purchase your tickets, souvenirs, etc. I saved about $150 on my trip!

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